Wednesday, December 5, 2012


UPDATED!!! another 15 new issues :D

Welcome to my blog :)

This blog was made to help NationStates players. Here you can find NationStates solved issues.

The Results here are no 100% reliable. They can vary from one nation to another one. I took those results from my nation but they won't change too much in yours.
For example:
My Nation:
Civil Rights -3
Economy -4
Political Freedoms +12
Taxes +8

Your Nation could be:
Civil Rights -2
Economy -4
Political Freedoms +10
Taxes +7

Some issues have also more results like Health, Ideological Radicality, Obesity, Rudeness, Weather...

If you want to find your issue, just use the search box >>>
Every post has about 10 issues so, after you made a search just look after your issue on the topic or use Ctrl + F ;)

If you have any other questions about this blog or about the game, feel free to ask.

Have fun!


  1. Thank you for keeping this :)
    I have one question - how do you keep track of all your country's rankings?

  2. .. Nevermind, I found out how to get an XML with all my rankings and with the help of a spiffy little script I keep track on how each answer affects my country. I keep these posted as comments here


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  4. Thank you so much, i recently joined the game and this help me so much!

  5. Issue: Minorities Demand Representation In TV Soaps
    please update
    Option 3 raised crime from moderate to "crime is a problem"

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  7. Just did 152. Posted what I could to the NSIndex but I much prefer your way of doing things so here's what I got for the third option:

    76 P -> 76
    74 C -> 74
    36 E -> 46

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  10. How do you track your nation's stats and what each choice will do? There are a lot of issues that aren't covered on the blog and I'd like to fill in the gaps. Thanks!