Friday, November 9, 2012

Issues #052, #055, #056, #058, #061, #062, #069, #071 and #075

#052: Is It Art Or Is It Porn? [Imnsvale; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
Vocal members of the Moral Minority have been complaining and petitioning the government about the new art gallery displaying several provocative nude portraits by several famous artists. Moral Minority members claim these pieces of work promote prostitution and indecent sexual acts.

The Debate
1. "Stop my children from looking at smut! These artists are only perverts pretending to be artists! Think of the children!" says @@RANDOMNAME@@, proud parent and member of Mothers Promoting Purity. "These artists are only going to rouse our innocent children to commit grotesque acts of immorality! Get rid of it all!"
The Result: artists regularly face criminal charges and art-burning parties are common.
Civil Rights -5

2. "Well, I see that point, but we certainly don't need to ban inoffensive art, still lifes of inanimate objects and such," says your sister, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Perhaps we should set some guidelines for what is acceptable as art and what isn't. Artistic renditions of people getting it on are one thing. A bunch of fruit in a decorative bowl is another entirely."
The Result: all artwork is carefully screened for offensive material.

3. "That is censorship!" says noted art history teacher @@RANDOMNAME@@. "You can't ban art! It's freedom of expression; it's part of our culture. If anything, the government should be supporting these artists and their work, not listening to these prudish whackjobs who are scared of a little bare skin!"
The Result: needs to be updated

#055: Bigtopian Protesters Cry For Full Integration [Grantwold; ed:The SLAGLands]

The Issue
Bigtopian activists have staged a sit-in at the largest primary school in @@NAME@@ bringing education to a halt in a bid for integration and tolerance.

The Debate
1. "You know... it's not that we don't let them in... it's that they don't apply," murmurs Principal @@RANDOMNAME@@, nervously tugging at his shirt collar. "I mean, yeah, sure, if these Bigtopians lived around here... uh... we'd let them into the school. But... you know... this isn't exactly a Bigtopian community, you know? So... uh... could you please put a stop to these protestors? Oh, and, uh..." Here he leans forward and whispers. "... make sure those creepy Bigtopian protestors don't show up at my school again, okay?"
The Result: government police forces protect public schools from the threat of protest.

2. "The time has come for the dream of equality to be realized!" shouts noted Bigtopian rights activist @@RANDOMNAME@@, slamming his fist against your desk. "I see Lilliputians, Tasmanians, and Lord knows how many East Lebatuckese keeping my Bigtopian brothers holed away in their prisons of blindness and ethnic apartheid! The time has come for full integration! If these schools are going to keep us out, I say it's time we were bussed in!"
The Result: minority children spend hours bussing to schools miles away from home

3. "Well, that's all well and good, but it ain't well and good enough!" screams @@RANDOMNAME@@, leader of Bigtopians Rising Against Totalitarianist Scum, slamming his black-gloved fist against his podium during a recent pep rally. "We ain't just bein' kept out of their schools; we're bein' kept out of their neighborhoods! The oppressive majority fears us, but they can't hold us back any longer! The government needs to integrate the community as a whole by pushing out the majority and making way for a very loud, very angry minority!"
The Result: members of majority races are forced out of their homes to make way for Bigtopians.
Civil Rights -4
Taxes +5

#056: "Give Us Money!" Quoth the Poet [Ursoria; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
The National Poetry Society of @@NAME@@ is demanding government-funded programs to promote the arts, especially poetry.

The Debate
1. "We need government help to promote culture." says @@RANDOMNAME@@, chairperson of the National Poetry Society of @@NAME@@. "Poetry is the soul of our nation, the very pulse of humanity! We will ultimately be judged according to our contribution to artistic enlightenment. In other words, please provide funding for our humble mission to bring the beauty of poetry to the masses!"
The Result: people reciting Shakespeare have become a common sight.
Economy +3
Taxes +3

2. "Artists and poets should support themselves, like everyone else," replies @@RANDOMNAME@@, spokesperson for the Capitalism Now Party. "The suffering taxpayers should be given a break. In fact, we should abolish all government subsidies for special interest groups."
The Result: the government has cut its subsidies for all special interest groups
taxes -5
Averageness -33
Culture -2
Defense forces -2
Environmental Beauty -4
Freedom From Taxation +1
Law Enforcement -2
Obesity -2
Pacifism +2
Public Transportation -2
Safety -2
Taxation -1
Tourism -3
Welfare -2

3. "Poets--who needs them?!" scoffs @@RANDOMNAME@@, Chairperson Emeritus of the Troglodyte Coalition. "These long-haired troublemakers should all be lined up against the wall and shot! That would be far more entertaining than reading some dumb poems!"
The Result: poets and writers are regularly rounded up and shot for entertainment.
Civil Rights -4

#058: Violent Violetists Demand Blood! [Total n Utter Insanity; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
Members of a new weird religious cult, called the Order of Violet, ask for the government to appease their mighty god by offering Her a sacrifice of the human variety.

The Debate
1. "What have we got to lose?" says religious freedoms advocate @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Just cut up a few homeless folk - it appeases this group's bloodthirsty Goddess, gets rid of unsightly bums that drain welfare, and everybody goes home happy."
The Result: homeless people are periodically found dead upon altars to assorted deities.
Civil Rights +5
Taxes -1

2. "We must go much further than a few beggars!" argues the overzealous High Member of the Order of Violet, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "You must pass a law that everyone's first born child must be slaughtered, on live TV if possible. Think of the viewing figures!"
The Result: "The Daily Sacrifice" is a routine segment of morning news shows.
Civil Rights -7

3. "You aren't going to listen to these whackjob Violetists, are you?" comments @@RANDOMNAME@@ while leading a prayer group. "Human sacrifices! Surely we're too civilized to permit such barbaric practices! These lunatic fringe groups should be outlawed, and their leaders should be executed!"
The Result: a crusade against barbaric religious practices has begun.
Civil Rights -1

4. "Who's being a lunatic?" retorts @@RANDOMNAME@@ of the @@NAME@@ Humanitarian Society. "I agree that these practices ought to be outlawed, but instead of sinking to the same level of these fanatics and killing our fellow people, why not simply start a re-education program? Even the worst person can be rehabilitated into a useful member of society, with enough time, care, and lots and lots of funding!"
The Result: the government pours millions of CURRENCY into rehabilitation programs annually.
Taxes +2

#061: Should The Government Grant Estates And Titles Of Nobility? [Leptonia; ed:SalusaSecondus]

The Issue
A peculiar confederacy of small-government advocates, regular attendees at @@NAME@@'s annual Medieval Faire, and the super rich have demanded that the government grant estates and confer titles of nobility upon certain influential persons.

The Debate
1. "Of course I should be appointed as the Duke of @@CAPITAL@@," says multi-billionaire @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Not only would it be an apt reward for my contributions to @@NAME@@, but the citizens who become landed serfs on my estate would work harder than they ever have in all their lives." Adds small-government advocate @@RANDOMNAME@@, "Government would at last return to the local level, close to the people and the land to which they would be bound for life."
The Result: society and government have been organized according to a feudal hierarchy.
Civil Rights -2
Political Freedoms -25
Taxes -1
Lifespan -1
Corruption +2

2. "I can't believe I'm hearing this," exclaims noted civil rights advocate @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Those who are behind this espouse a system that grants inordinate amounts of institutional power to the rich and ensures that no one will be able to climb the social ladder. Everyone in society must be granted an equal opportunity to succeed or fail. Say 'no' to a nobility!"
The Result: citizens are allowed to rise or fall based on their own merits.
Economy +10
Taxes +1

3. "I think both of the other parties are taking this issue to the extreme," argues a learned elderly gentleman resting on a park bench. "All that's being advocated is giving those who have contributed to their nation a ceremonial title and a bit of land. Besides," he adds, "the government can tax their estate."
The Result: notable individuals are granted land and titles.
Taxes +1

4. "A good day to thee, milord," counters @@RANDOMNAME@@, an amateur Medieval Faire actor dressed in period costume, "I would suggest that thou hasten thyself to spectate at the jousting competition this forenoon. Aye, quite a bout we have arrayed for thee this day. However, the whole affair could be much grander if only we received a few more gold crownes from the government. Aye, 'twould be a grand tourney of knightly skill and courage indeed!"
The Result: NATION's Medieval Faire is renowned as one of the best in the region.
Economy +5
Taxes +1

#062: Oh, The Angst! [Uni Students; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
In response to rising rates of depression related suicides, mental health groups have called for government funding to help support treatment programs, citing various surveys that indicate psychological disorders are often an overlooked problem.

The Debate
1. "Although it is often dismissed as an irrelevant complaint, depression is a real disease; it isn't just 'all in your head'," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, depression sufferer. "Depression has significant effects on groups and individuals, especially amongst teenagers. Every day, more and more people commit suicide because of this disease, but this could all be stopped if this country had a decent level of funding for support and public awareness programs."
The Result: citizens are encouraged to report friends, family members or co-workers who seem depressed to the government for "counselling".
Public Healthcare +1

2. "Screw them," @@RANDOMNAME@@, talkback radio host, stated yesterday. "Depression isn't a disease, it's just another example of today's youth finding something to complain about. Life's never been better. In fact, just yesterday, I bought my fourth BMW. And even if it is as serious as the bleeding hearts claim, then I say we leave it and cut some of the funding being wasted on these head cases. If a few whiners jump off a bridge, it'll be good for the genepool. Natural selection, my friends. It's a great thing."
The Result: psychological disorders are a taboo subject.
Happiness -2

3. "Actually, a lot of depression cases in teens are related to school and all the stress and pressure young people are under to succeed. A greater effort to correct the problem of depression should start there, with more funding so that schools can provide better counseling programs." Comments Dr. @@RANDOMNAME@@, author of the book "Tomato Soup for the Soul". "That way teens who are depressed can get help even if their parents can't or won't take them to see a psychologist."
The Result: schools have extensive counseling programs for troubled students.
Taxes +1
Averageness +0.025
Health +2
Public Healthcare +1
Happiness +1
Weather +5

#069: Power Problems Need Bright Solution [Plumbumia; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
The oldest power station in @@NAME@@ suffered a catastrophic failure last night, plunging a third of @@NAME@@'s national power supply grid into darkness. There is no debate that it needs to be replaced, but the question is with what?

The Debate
1. "The solution is clear," says environmental activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Wind turbines and solar power stations are the cleanest there are. We must switch power production to forms of renewable energy, that will never run out. The only minor problems are that wind farms will take up a great deal of space and of course we can't exactly rely on the weather. It isn't as though we control it. But think of how much healthier people will be without all that pollution!"
The Result: prime real estate is devoted to wind farms and solar energy generators.
Eco-Friendliness +2
Environmental Beauty +8
Lifespan +1
Tourism +3
Toxicity -5
Weather +4

2. "Wind power? Solar collectors? Bah! Have you ever wondered when the least amount of strain is placed on the national grid? WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING!" exclaims Southern @@NAME@@ Electra official @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We need power under our control, and cheaply. Coal has been the cheapest and most abundant power source for ages. We don't need this airy fairy wind malarky when we have cheap and reliable power available for all. True, pollution will be a bit on the heavy side but I'm sure that's only a minor problem, with how well funded our health system is!"
The Result: vile black smog from coal power plants has enveloped several major urban centres.
Environmental Beauty -15
Lifespan -2
Toxicity +11
Weather -7

3. "Now the way I see it is that it's either green, expensive, and sprawling; or compact, polluting and cheap. Wouldn't it be nice if we had the best of both worlds? Well, we can!" claims fission technician @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Nuclear power is reliable, clean, and although it isn't cheap, it won't break the bank. There is a risk of deadly meltdown, but this is relatively small, and the only people who could be against this are anti-nuclear protesters, but what do we care about those tree-hugging hippies?"
The Result: protesters are up in arms over new nuclear power stations.
Lifespan -4

#071: Minority Group Demands Language Recognition [Pragmas; ed:SalusaSecondus]

The Issue
A group several thousands strong hailing from a remote, isolated corner of @@NAME@@ is staging a massive demonstration on the front steps of your capitol. They demand that their local dialect be recognized as an official language.
The Debate
1. @@RANDOMNAME@@, your Minister of Culture, has nothing but disdain for the demonstrators. "The language of @@NAME@@ is as important to our national identity as our history is. A truly erudite individual uses perfect grammar and refuses to speak as those ruffians do." Your Finance Minister is quick to chime in as well, "If business is required to print every road sign, instruction manual, and fast-food wrapper in two languages, it would increase everybody's overhead. That means higher prices for the person in the street."
The Result: a National Academy regulates grammar and usage.
Civil Rights +4

2. "Smarker, but ee's gone blongie 'round the clonger! Trandy in the blang warked a newtie on the Cheebers, quaff me a duggle if it's brine. Sorky, hang our trandy high!" says @@RANDOMNAME@@, speaking for the demonstrators, in an apparently rousing response that draws a cascade of cheers. After a few uncomfortable minutes with a professional translator, you find the speaker said, "I respectfully disagree with the Minister. Multilingualism has brought stability to richly-cultured nations such as Brancaland; indeed, I challenge you to provide a single counterexample. I encourage this government to adopt a policy of multilingualism throughout @@NAME@@!"
The Result: children are raised bilingual from an early age.
Taxes +1 (in greater nations)
Culture +1

3. @@RANDOMNAME@@, a radical opposition member who seems to tag along to every demonstration she can find, has her own proposal. "The language barrier is keeping us all apart. What @@NAME@@ needs is a new identity defined by a new language that we can all agree on. That's unity without favoritism."
The Result: the government is attempting to impose a new national language on the public.
Taxes +1

#075: Cutting Off Sex Offenders? [Istar; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
After the capture and trial of notorious rapist Henry Taiden, who was convicted of the rape of over 50 women in the past two years a debate has emerged on how he should be punished.

The Debate
1. "That psychopath should be castrated!" cries rape victim @@RANDOMNAME@@, "The agony he put me through must be punished with a means that will ensure that no human being will ever go through what I did! If castration is used more often in these cases you will see rape drop to nothing!"
The Result: sex offenders find themselves cut off from the ability to repeat their crimes.

2. "I understand that this is a terrible time for the poor victims in this case," says defense attorney @@RANDOMNAME@@, "However, the answer is not to revert back to the dark ages. Instead, we should focus on rehabilitation of all criminals in our prison system."
The Result: re-education centers are being added to most prisons.

3. "Everyone knows re-education is a waste of money, we shouldn't go soft on these crooks!" says CEO @@RANDOMNAME@@ of the People Trading Corporation. "Simply place all rapists and criminals in @@NAME@@ into forced labor under the management of our company to serve out their sentences. When we're through with them, they won't even think of jaywalking, much less harming another person. We get cheap labor, and these crooks get put straight. Everybody benefits... well, except the crooks."
The Result: convicted felons are forced into slavery for their crimes.


  1. Regarding #71 why would regulation of languages (and not allowing another to be as widely used as it suggests they wish it to) increase civil rights? If anything the second choice would surely increase civil rights? Are these results confirmed? I want to keep my plebs civil and political rights to a minimum while having a successful economy, please advise.

  2. yes, i tested all issues on my puppet nations before i posted the results here

  3. Alright, I'll plop for option 3 anyway. Thanks for the reply.

  4. #071: Minority Group Demands Language Recognition [Pragmas; ed:SalusaSecondus]

    My results on chosing option 2

    7 Population
    -1 Industry: Retail
    -1 Weather
    1 Safety From Crime
    3 Safety
    1 Culture
    -1 Weaponization
    -2 Toxicity
    -5 Averageness

  5. #066 Transsexual Demands Recognition In Chosen Gender
    Option 3 resulted for my nation in:
    Added: People are now classified as male, female, or genderqueer

    Population 7
    Unexpected Death Rate -1
    Compassion 2
    Niceness 2
    Rudeness -2
    Weather 2
    Lifespan 1
    Pacifism 4
    Toxicity -2
    Influence 1

  6. #056: "Give Us Money!" Quoth the Poet
    Option 1:

    Wealth Gaps -6
    Business Subsidization 2
    Income Equality 6
    Rudeness -0.6
    Stupidity -1
    Weather 1
    Safety From Crime 1
    Safety 3
    Ideological Radicality -2
    Most Pro-Market -1.2
    Authoritarianism 0.004
    Culture 2
    Employment -2
    Weaponization -1
    Obesity -6
    Toxicity -4
    Influence 2
    Averageness 45
    Human Development Index -1

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Results for #062: Oh, The Angst!
    option 3

    Causes of death
    Murder % -1
    Old Age % 1

    Census scores
    Averageness -3
    Safety 6
    Safety From Crime 2
    Toxicity -4
    Weaponization -2
    Weather 1

    Commerce % -1
    Education % 2
    Environment % -1

    Public Sector
    Private sector % -1
    Public sector % 1

    Tax % 1

  9. Issue #071: Minority Group Demands Language Recognition
    Option 1 *decreased* my civil rights by 5.

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