Friday, November 9, 2012

Issues #093, #095, #099, #100, #101, #102, #103, #104, #105, #106 and #107

#093: Affirmative Action in @@NAME@@? [The Orange Freestate; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
After a recent high-profile case of a minority student being refused admission to a traditional, prestigious college, civil rights activists, conservatives, and teachers are up in arms about affirmative action and ethnic equality in education.

The Debate
1. "This is just another attempt to discriminate against people of color," declares civil-rights activist, former TV commentator and unabashed publicity speaker @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If people are disadvantaged in their upbringing then they should be given an 'equal' chance to succeed in college."

The Result: colleges adhere to rigid ethnic quotas for admissions.

2. "The affirmative action programs aren't necessary at all," rejoins conservative speaker and hair care product salesman @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If you really want to treat everyone equally, as you claim, how can you support special treatment for a few so-called minority groups? Besides, it would cost even more money to enforce."
The Result: ethnic minorities are often refused admission to some of the nation's best schools.

Taxes -1

3. "I think you are both looney," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, professor of liberal arts at @@NAME@@ National University. "All education should be open to everyone regardless of their grades in high school, economic status or academic prowess. Free college education should be available to every citizen of @@NAME@@, no matter what the cost!"
The Result: NATION's educational system is the envy of many and regarded as a pinnacle of academic achievement.

Economy +1
Taxes +2

#095: Painful Prices Paid At The Pump [Aljerfribish; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
Commuters are complaining about the ongoing rise in gas prices, causing a massive debate in the government about what should be done.

The Debate
1. "Who cares about a few trees?" says oil executive @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Gas prices are six @@CURRENCY@@s per gallon, and rising! There is lots of oil to be found in areas currently protected as parks! Solving our energy needs is more important than conserving the environment. Just give us permission to go in there and start drilling, and gas prices will plummet!"
The Result: pristine wilderness has been trashed in the quest for cheaper oil.

Taxes -1
Eco-Frienlines -1
Lifespan -1
Toxicity +6
Weather -3

2. "There are other ways to recover from the fossil fuel crisis besides ruining forests," says environmental activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We shouldn't just take the short way out and drill here. I suggest spending more money on public transportation systems and encouraging people to carpool - if people weren't so reliant on fossil fuel powered cars, we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place, and if we start using less oil, the price will drop with the demand."
The Result: the government is spending millions on renovating the public transportation system.

Taxes +2
Eco-Friendliness +1
Public Transportation +2
Health +1
Toxicity -6
Tourism +1
Weather +4

#099: We Need Cash, Sharpish, Say Librarians [Os Cosia; ed:Sirocco]

The Issue
Ailing libraries have appealed to the government for a much-needed injection of funds.

The Debate
1. "Our libraries are in a dreadful state," says distressed librarian, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "This year we had to cancel our subscription to 'Playboy' and over half of our shelves are stacked with pamphlets from the Pizzeria across the road. We need more books and better standards. If there were more perks in this job then maybe we'd get some decent employees! If it needs a whole lot of government funds to pay for it all then so be it!"
The Result: libraries are now installed with jacuzzis and mini-bars.

Taxes +1

2. "Now hold it right there!" says manager of the local MEGA-BOOKS store, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I employ twenty-four people and we are dependent upon people paying us money to buy books, magazines and newspapers from my store. How can you even think about giving our tax @@CURRENCY@@s to these people so they can put us out of business? 'Course poor people won't be able to afford our wares but they'd only use them for fires or somethin'. Let our libraries die."
The Result: books are considered luxuries only available to the incredibly wealthy.

Taxes -2

3. "I'm all for giving our libraries more money," says Education Minister, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "But we certainly shouldn't just let them spend it however they please. We need an elected board to oversee all purchases and acquisitions made by our library system, promoting educational literature and keeping out smut. That way we can keep nudity out of the hands of children. We can make sure none of those political satires and newspapers that insult our government affect the weak-minded amongst us too. Then our libraries will be something to be proud of."
The Result: all writing must pass a censorship board before being allowed on the shelves.

4. "Great Scot! I've got it!" exclaims @@RANDOMNAME@@, your science advisor. "Why do we need these brick and mortar buildings anyway? Let's just scan all these books, newspapers and magazines onto the internet and then we can fire all those expensive librarians with their pensions and healthcare benefits. Think of the money we'd save if we didn't have to print everything! Sure it'll be tough on the librarians and those with no computers but hey, this is the future and they are the past."
The Result: 
libraries are bulldozed to make way for internet cafés.
Taxes +1

#100: Road Rage Rampage [SatanSpermSpawn; ed:Reploid Productions]

The Issue
Due to the ever-increasing traffic on @@NAME@@'s highways, commuter tempers are flaring, leading to an increase in road rage related accidents. A recent case in which a very impatient driver attacked and seriously injured a slow driver has brought the subject rapidly to the highest levels of the government.

The Debate
1. "The problem is that our highway system is sorely in need of an overhaul," claims social commentator @@RANDOMNAME@@. "@@NAME@@'s highways were constructed with a far smaller number of cars in mind, and we've exceeded that traffic load by a substantial amount, resulting in traffic jams. Traffic jams lead to impatience, impatience leads to anger, anger leads to road rage, and road rage leads to violence. We need to expand the freeway system by adding more lanes to relieve the traffic congestion."
The Result: traffic jams are a common sight due to construction work from a massive overhaul of the nation's freeways.

2. "You add new lanes, even MORE people will drive, putting us right back at square one!" counters @@RANDOMNAME@@ of @@NAME@@'s public transportation committee. "Instead of throwing tons of money at a short-term solution, why not spend it on improving bus and rail service and encouraging carpooling? Oh, and get more highway patrol officers to crack down on these violent drivers who pose safety threats to the rest of us."
The Result: the government has started a campaign to crack down on road rage and encourage alternate means of commuting.

3. "*BLEEP!* that *BLEEP!*" Catherine Gratwick yells at the top of her lungs from the window of her very large pickup truck with a gun rack mounted in the rear window. "The government should just *BLEEP!*ing stay out of our daily *BLEEP!*ing drive! They ought to let us *BLEEP!*ing rushed businesspeople go about our daily *BLEEP!*ing business, no matter what *BLEEP!*ing measures we have to take to get to *BLEEP!*ing work on time!"
The Result: it's a common sight to see angry commuters with grenade launchers mounted on their vehicles.

Civil Rights +1
Taxes -2
Averageness -32
Compassion -2
Happiness +1
Ideological Radicality +1
Niceness -2
Nudity +4
Pacifism -6
Political Apathy +2
Recreational Drug Use +2
Rudeness +2
Rudeness -9
Safety from Crime -3
Social Conservatism -2
Toxicity +9
Weaponization +27
Weather -2

#101: Tiara Sign Of Oppression, Declare Feminists [The Prelapsarian State; ed:Sirocco]
The Issue
@@NAME@@'s upcoming hosting of a major international beauty pageant has upset some citizens concerned about the message it puts across.

The Debate
1. "These beauty pageants are a disgrace to women everywhere!" shouts feminist campaigner, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "They objectify the female body and re-enforce negative stereotyping! They celebrate the appearance instead of the personality! What message is this sending out to our children? Do we want them to think shallowness and vanity are virtues? Ban beauty contests! We must focus the education of our progeny on ethics and equality or suffer the consequences!"
The Result: all beauty contests have been banned.

Taxes +1

2. "I agree that the pageants should be banned," pontificates renowned moralist, the Ever So Slightly Reverend @@RANDOMNAME@@. "But purely in the name of moral decency! All those fashion stores that sponsor these contests make lots of money from this blasphemy and that is just plain wrong! These women wear revealing clothing that seek to entice and seduce young men. As such, we should go a step further, and institute a dress code! Long, plaid skirts for the girls, with necklines that never drop below the base of the neck! Only then will the women of our nation be cleansed of sin!"
The Result: women who display their ankles are shunned by society.

Taxes +2

3. "What in the name of all that's decent and good are you talking about?" exclaims @@RANDOMNAME@@, leader of the egalitarian civil rights movement 'Everyone Is Equal, Dammit'. "Obviously these pageants will always be sexist unless they're open to everyone. Admiring women only for their beauty is an insult to their intelligence and the beauty of men! It's dually sexist! Open up the pageant to both sexes!"
The Result
Max Barry is this year's Miss NATION.
Civil Rights +1

4. "Agh, no, no boys please, let's just host the pageant as is, alright?" implores Catherine Gratwick, one of @@NAME@@'s most celebrated models. "No matter what you people think, appearance is important! Mine allows me to pay for all the dresses I want! So no, I don't think there's anything wrong with telling kids that you can make money from being pretty. In fact, I think beauty contests should be held at schools every year!"
The Result: 
vanity is considered the eighth cardinal virtue.
Civil Rights +1

#102: For Whom The Road Tolls [Ta Kala; ed:Sirocco]

The Issue
A group of transport analysts have suggested that a charge of five @@CURRENCY@@s a day for vehicular access to @@NAME@@'s most congested inner-cities during peak hours is the only way to solve their ever-growing traffic problem.

The Debate
1. "Similar schemes have been very effective elsewhere," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, @@NAME@@'s most infamous traffic warden. "It's common sense that the best way to curb dangerously high demand is to raise the price of the supply - or, as in this case, to create a price. Charging citizens to go into more congested areas could, combined with the improvements to public transport it will finance, actually make people choose public transport over their cars. I don't see why people shouldn't pay tax for a little less traffic on our roads."
The Result: motorists must pay to enter inner-cities during peak hours.

Taxes -2

2. "These tolls are a preposterous idea," argues road lobbyist, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Public transport will never replace the car - I don't want to be forced to share my space with a bunch of malodorous working-class people on my way to work. Not that I would be, because I could afford the charge, but really, it's the principle of the matter! The only solution is to expand urban road networks. True, some pavements and green spots would have to go, but those pedestrians should be able to put up with that if they're to expect @@NAME@@ to be part of the modern world."
The Result: new urban roads are threatening city parks.

Taxes -2

3. "Allowing cars to scoot around and pollute our cities was a bad idea in the first place," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a famous environmentalist. "The solution is to restrict private transport to main roads and motorways whilst funding a major urban public transport scheme. Our buses and undergrounds could be the envy of the world! Yes, the car companies will suffer a little, and yes, there'll be a bit more tax, but wouldn't it be worth it for a bit of fresh air and safe streets for the children?"
The Result: cars are banned from built-up areas.

Taxes +2

#103: Plague Of The Hybrids! [Serenthis; ed:Sirocco]

The Issue
Angry farmers have taken to the streets demanding the government to act after reported sightings of strange @@ANIMAL@@-like dogs eating all the crops in fields.

The Debate
1. "This unholy union should never have taken place to begin with," comments @@RANDOMNAME@@, an angry farmer. "The @@ANIMAL@@ was never meant to mate with a dog! They eat my crops, they attack my livestock and they're breeding so quickly they're swamping the environment! We can't make a living like this! You've got to give us the funds and manpower to shoot anything that comes within a mile of our property and put an end to these freaks of nature! We must wipe these creatures out now or before you know it all we'll be eating is fish."
The Result: wildlife near farms is slowly becoming extinct.

Economy +2

2. "We can't just destroy these creatures!" exclaimed @@RANDOMNAME@@, owner of @@NAME@@'s biggest safari park. "They may look ugly to you, but I think they're just beautiful. We need to study them and understand them; think of what we could learn! These wonderful beasts may be a little harmful to the environment, but think of the people who will flock to see them! It would be an educational experience! Think of the money!"
The Result: bizarre-looking creatures called animaldogs' dominate wildlife preserves.

3. "We could always just kill off all the dogs," @@RANDOMNAME@@ of the "Keep The Species Pure" foundation whispers to you in a conversation. "The @@ANIMAL@@ is one of the many things our country is famous for; any perversion of its image reflects upon us all! We can't have their image spoilt by these ugly abominations! Just get the police to go around and kill them all and we can rest easy knowing our countryside is safe!
The Result: needs to be updated

#104: Public Loudspeakers Shrill With Controversy [Alpha Centauri; ed:Sirocco]
The Issue
A recent poll on putting up huge loudspeakers in @@NAME@@'s cities for public government broadcasts has been brought to your attention.

The Debate
1. "This idea is brilliant, and @@NAME@@ can't afford to pass it up," claims @@RANDOMNAME@@, your Minister of Safety. "These loudspeakers can assure the public that the government is always here to help them. The potential here, to immediately warn citizens of an emergency such as an earthquake or a stampede of @@ANIMAL@@s or something, simply must be taken into account! This could save lives! And I suppose, when there isn't anything the citizens need to be told, you could always use them to broadcast patriotic messages like '@@SLOGAN@@' and inform the good people which party to join and vote for with newsbriefs and such. It'll be worth it to strengthen the populace's devotion to our glorious nation!"
The Result: public loudspeakers constantly tell citizens they are "happy people".

Taxes +4
Corruption +1

2. "I think people need to realise what this really is: brainwashing!" retorts @@RANDOMNAME@@, a wealthy marketer. "I don't want to hear all this flag-waving hogwash every time I go out for a walk. But when it comes to emergencies, I do agree that something should be done to warn everyone: we should send out messages on mandatory minature radios that you can carry in your pocket. It could tell you things you need to know too, like what shoes to buy and such."
The Result: citizens are bombarded with advertising from their compulsory miniature radios.

Economy +20

3. "To be honest, I can't see why we should put up with advertising at all," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, an anti-business protester. "All it is is some multi-billionaire or politician somewhere trying to make even more money while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. I say we ban it. Maybe the economy will suffer a little and some people may lose jobs but that's just a minor side-effect really, especially when you consider that no longer will our children be encouraged to fill themselves with junk-food because some guy on the telly tells them it's cool!"
The Result: all forms of advertising are banned.

Economy -20
Taxes +1

#105: Compensation Culture Must End, Say Corporations [Zhudor; ed:Sirocco]

The Issue
After a recent spate of high-profile lawsuits against corporations concerning the safety of their products, corporations have appealed to the government to change the laws of compensation.

The Debate
1. "It's crazy!" cries @@RANDOMNAME@@, CEO of Sharp 'n' Pointy Things Incorporated. "These people should simply not be allowed to put the blame on us if they mindlessly abuse our products! I'd have thought it would be common sense not to stick your hand in a blender to 'see if it was working properly'. We need to outlaw these ridiculous lawsuits so I can get on with my business and those working in the law profession can get on with theirs."
The Result: corporations cut costs by taking away safety-features on their products.

Economy +2
Taxes -2

2. "I'm almost inclined to agree," muses @@RANDOMNAME@@, a nearby firefighter. "People really should know better than to dry their cats in the microwave oven. But it's also that microwave oven that should not start a fire if one leaves it running overnight. Let's just put higher national safety standards in place that all products must be certified to meet. The extra expense shouldn't worry people if it's the difference between life and death after all."
The Result: every product goes through extensive safety-testing by the government.

Economy -1
Taxes +2

3. "There's nothing wrong with victims getting a little money for the damage they've suffered," claims @@RANDOMNAME@@, @@NAME@@'s most notorious lawyer. "In fact we should be increasing court capacities so everyone with a complaint to file won't have to wait long before they can get before a judge. Sure it'll be expensive to implement, but maybe then the manufacturers will think twice before selling their unsafe junk without explaining things clearly in the manuals!"
The Result: manufacturers are sued for almost anything not covered in their catalogue-sized manuals.

Economy -7
Taxes +5

#106: Give The Red Light District The Green Light? [Lmaortfmolia; ed:Sirocco]

The Issue
After a recent survey discovered that nearly 40% of all citizens in @@NAME@@ are single, there has been an increasingly loud call for the legalisation of prostitution.

The Debate
1. "I just can't get a girl no matter what I do," laments acne-afflicted nerd, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If the cops would just look the other way about prostitution, it'd make my life much easier. Yeah, I'd be risking all sorts of diseases, but it's my body isn't it?"
The Result: sales of fishnet stockings have reached a record high.

Civil Rights +5
Economy +1
Taxes -1

2. "We can't allow this to happen!" protests Dr. @@RANDOMNAME@@, senior pathologist of @@NAME@@'s largest hospital. "Prostitution is a dangerous business and must remain illegal! People need to be more aware of the consequences that could follow like the risk of contracting HIV, chlamydia, or even syphilis. I say we get some funding for a large awareness programme on sexually transmitted diseases and maybe then people will act responsibly between the covers. It'll be expensive sure, but well worth it."
The Result: an enormous health awareness programme is underway.

Economy -2
Taxes +1

3. "Not so fast now!" interjects daring entrepreneur, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Why don't we just have the prostitution industry run by the government? By letting the government regulate prostitution, @@NAME@@ can force any patrons to undergo tests for diseases, make prostitutes have regular medical check-ups and pay a portion of their profits to the government. Of course we'd still have to put more policemen on the streets to keep illegal brothels from popping up and make sure the hospitals are equipped to handle the extra workload, but you can always raise taxes to account for that."
The Result: needs to be updated

#107: Private Lab Holds @@NAME@@'s Sick To Ransom [Silverbrook; ed:Sirocco]

The Issue
Scientists at a private medical research laboratory have announced that they have produced a drug which will combat @@NAME@@'s most notorious malady - Spon Plague.

The Debate
1. "This pill is the only known and unknown cure for the Spon Plague!" proclaims Professor @@RANDOMNAME@@, the inventor of the cure. "But if we are to go ahead with the production of this drug, we must get some government support. We're set to make a fortune from this drug - the money we earn will help us develop even more cures for other as-yet untreatable diseases. Some people won't be able to afford it of course, but hard cheese on them: they should have got a paying job while they were still capable."
The Result: only the rich can afford the latest medical innovations.
Corruption +1
Health -2
Income Equality -6
Lifespan -1
Public Healthcare -1
Unexpected Death Rate +1
Weather -2

2. "That's a disgraceful way to think!" says equal rights activist, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "So the people who need the most help shouldn't get any? I propose that the government subsidises the production of all drugs so everyone can benefit from them, rich or not! That way the money-hungry corporations won't profit from the suffering of the masses. Of course there will be the matter of a small tax rise to fund it - but what's that when lives will be saved?"
The Result: pharmacies close down as medicinal drugs are sold freely by the government.

Civil Rights -1
Economy -12
Taxes +2
Authoritarianism +0.016
Business Subsidization -2
Employment -17
Health +0.5
Ideological Radicality -3
Income Equality +9
Most Pro-Market -2
Obesity -41
Pacifism +2
Public Healthcare +4
Rudeness -1
Safety +3
Toxicity -5
Wealth Gaps -1
Weather +3

3. "I can't believe what I'm hearing," deplores well-respected religious leader, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If God didn't want people to have this disease he wouldn't have created it in the first place. This is completely against the will of God and if the government allows this drug to go on sale we will all be doomed to an afterlife in a dark and fiery place! Now let's end this madness and abolish the production of pharmaceuticals and drugs altogether!"
The Result: the religious lobby has the power of veto over health initiatives.

Civil Rights -3
Godlessnedd -2
Religiousness +1


  1. Add #100 to the title for easier search plz.
    Also in option 3 this are the extended results:

    Option 3: Following new legislation in COUNTRY, it's a common sight to see angry commuters with grenade launchers mounted on their vehicles (-3% Income Tax, +2 Civil Rights, -32 Averageness, -2 Compassion, +1 Happiness, +1 Ideological Radicality, -2 Niceness, +4 Nudity, -6 Pacifism, +2 Political Apathy, +1 Recreational Drug Use, +2 Rudeness, -9 Safety, -3 Safety from Crime, -2 Social Conservatism, +9 Toxicity, +27 Weaponization, -2 Weather)

  2. thank you for those informations :)

  3. #093: Affirmative Action in @@NAME@@?
    Option 3:

    Census scores

    Wealth Gaps -1
    Unexpected Death Rate -1
    Eco-Friendliness 3
    Industry: Basket Weaving -1
    Industry: Trout Fishing -2
    Industry: Arms Manufacturing -1
    Sector: Agriculture -1
    Industry: Beverage Sales -1
    Industry: Mining -1
    Industry: Insurance -1
    Industry: Retail -1
    Industry: Book Publishing -1
    Industry: Gambling -2
    Sector: Manufacturing -1
    Government Size 1
    Income Equality 1
    Rudeness -0,101
    Intelligence 1
    Stupidity -1
    Weather 5
    Safety From Crime 4
    Safety 12
    Lifespan 1
    Ideological Radicality -1
    Pacifism 7
    Most Pro-Market -0,2
    Employment 3
    Tourism 41,25
    Weaponization -5
    Obesity -7
    Environmental Beauty 44,25
    Toxicity -50,25
    Averageness 11
    Human Development Index 1

    Tax 3


    Education % 2
    Commerce % -1

    Causes of death

    Lost in Wilderness % 2
    Murder % -1
    Old Age % 1
    Heart Disease % -2

    Public Sector 3

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