Saturday, November 10, 2012

Issues #285, #290, #291, #293, #294, #307, #312, #319, #320 and #321

#285: A Right Not to Work? [Nation of Quebec; ed:Lenyo]

The Issue
High ranking officials and devout followers of @@FAITH@@ have requested that the government close down retail stores during the Sabbath in accordance to their religious views.

The Debate
1. "It's written in our sacred texts that our Creator took the seventh day for rest, and so should we!" says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a devout follower of @@FAITH@@. "To work on the Sabbath is an insult to our Creator, and I think the last thing @@NAME@@ needs is eternal damnation. Shut down all retail stores for the Sabbath! Besides, who wants to work then anyway?"
The Result: emergency room admissions for 'stampede injuries' have skyrocketed since the introduction of weekly Sabbath Eve sales.

2. "I'm afraid that's not going far enough," adds @@RANDOMNAME@@, a high-ranking official in the Synod of Zealous Religious Fanatics. "This shouldn't apply to just retail stores. Everything must be shut down! Hospitals, government agencies, police, and other emergency services. Sure, it'll be dangerous and likely cause some death, but saving our souls from eternal damnation should be our priority. @@NAME@@ must do all it can to appease the almighty Creator."
The Result: police and sick people alike fear the Day of Rest as all institutions are forced to shut down.
Economy -8
Taxes -3

3. "You're not really going to listen to what these nutjobs are proposing, are you?" asks @@RANDOMNAME@@, your atheist economic adviser. "Think about the damage this would cause to the economy. Isn't that more important than appeasing a few nuts? If anything, we should be requiring that all retail stores remain open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Just think of all that unlimited shopping time!"
The Result: retail stores offer sales every hour on the hour.
Economy -1
Industry: Retail +1

4. Slacker blogger @@RANDOMNAME@@, still in pajamas and eating a pizza slice on a ratty couch, sends you a video chat invitation. "Dude, why not just give everybody shorter work weeks? Make flex time, telecommuting, and 35-hour work weeks mandatory for all us working folk. Trust me, the people will love you for it man!"
The Result: midnight pizza breaks are common among the work-from-home population.
Economy -5
Taxes +1

#290: Wheels of Misfortune [New Ziedrich; ed:Lenyo]

The Issue
In recent weeks, there has been growing concern over the quality of automobiles made in @@NAME@@. Representatives from all sides have gathered in your office and are asking you to make a decision.

The Debate
1. "This is ridiculous!" cries @@RANDOMNAME@@, chairperson of the Association of Scorned Shoppers, while frantically waving a stack of papers. "Some of these stories are just obscene! We've got water pumps ceasing at 12,000 kilometers, airbags not deploying in accidents, and this one guy's gas tank just fell off! I can't make this stuff up! Our auto industry has gotten lazy and corrupt and is in desperate need of stronger regulation!"
The Result: new safety regulations require all cars manufactured in NATION to be bombproof.
Civil Rights +10
Taxes +1

2. "I've never heard such nonsense!" scoffs @@RANDOMNAME@@, an executive representing @@NAME@@'s largest automaker. "Our cars are perfectly fine! These allegations are completely baseless. Thing is, these proposed regulations are going to make us uncompetitive. Is this what you want? Foreign cars clogging our streets while our factories close down? Get rid of some of the regulations we have now, so we can do our jobs! While you're at it, a government subsidy would safeguard domestic auto manufacturing ..."
The Result: NATION-made cars tend to catch fire in people's driveways.
Economy +4

3. "What is this? Subsidies? Deregulation? Lies, all of it!" shouts prominent communist @@RANDOMNAME@@, sporting a practical yet stylish red beret. "These companies, they're always willing to sell their ethics for a quick @@CURRENCY@@! They always cut corners for a little extra profit, and look where it's gotten us! You want to make good cars, cars the people can be proud of? Have the people take control of the car companies! If we remove the profit motive, @@NAME@@ can finally produce quality vehicles, without wasteful bourgeois stuff like chrome wheels, air conditioning, and reclining seats!"
The Result: the nationalized auto industry is adept at making durable little cars nobody wants to drive.
Economy +3
Taxes +1

4. A wheelchair-bound man wearing a bicycle helmet on his head, plaster casts on his legs, and an irate expression on his face rolls himself into your office. "Hey, I got somethin' to say," he growls as he deliberately bumps into your desk. "You and your government have been playing nice with the car companies for far too long, and a lot of us cyclists are sick of it. I might have an axe to grind, but @@NAME@@ and our environment'll be better off if you just banned cars entirely. Who cares if people complain? They'll adjust."
The Result: heavy industry grinds to a halt as new equipment must be biked in.
Economy -15

#291: A Question Of Sport [Dustistan; ed:Sanctaria]

The Issue
@@NAME@@'s football fans are outraged after the nation's bid to host an important regional competition was rejected. The reason? @@NAME@@'s football fields are slightly shorter than the international standard.

The Debate
1. @@RANDOMNAME@@, head of the Football Association of @@NAME@@, announced in a press release, "Clearly we're disappointed by this result. It's yet more evidence of what we've been saying all along - sport in this country is severely underfunded. With more @@CURRENCY@@s from the government, we could start upgrading sporting venues across the country. This would definitely count in our favor when we submit our next bid."
The Result: glittering new sports stadiums adorn every city and town.
Economy +8
Taxes +1

2. "You wanna spend my tax money on what?!?" wheezes couch potato @@RANDOMNAME@@ while flicking through sport channels. "If sporting associations need more money, why not ask for sponsorship from the private sector, like pizza chains and soda bottlers? Why should my money be used to help a bunch of good for nothing kids chase a bit of leather around?"
The Result: marketing departments of corporate giants compete to sponsor little league teams.

3. "There's nothing wrong with our stadiums!" shouts sports fan @@RANDOMNAME@@, waving a crowd rattle and blowing a vuvuzela. "They're just the right size for the sports I grew up playing! Why should we change the rules of our national sport just to please a bunch of foreigners? I say we support our team! And play by our own traditional rules! We should get rid of those silly foreign sports and their 'rules'!"
The Result: tourists are kicked out if they express interest in their national sport.

4. "They rejected us because of a few feet of grass? That's crazy!" writes journalist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Sport isn't about rules, it's about having fun and getting fit! When we were kids, we could have a great time with just a stick and a couple of rocks – there were no rulebooks or standardized playing fields. We should encourage kids to get out there and have fun; who cares about a few silly rules?"
The Result: kids laugh off vandalism and arson as "just fun".
Civil Rights +4
Taxes -1

#293: Maestro, Please [Castle in the Sky; ed:Luna Amore]

The Issue
A delegation from the @@NAME@@ Philharmonia has shown up in your office, underlining their petition for the renovation of the nation's concert halls with a serenade.

The Debate
1. "The once venerable concert halls of @@NAME@@ are in a sorry state," laments trombonist @@RANDOMNAME@@, emptying the spit valve into your waste paper basket. "Some are dank, the stucco is crumbling in others, and it's raining through the backstage roof of another! In the name of culture we must restore these halls to their former glory. It's only a pittance to the national budget, but to our cultural reputation? Priceless."
The Result: conductors wield diamond-encrusted batons to fit in with their freshly gilded surroundings.
Economy +6
Taxes +1 (if country is developed) Taxes 0 (if country is new or undeveloped)
Business Subsidization +2
Culture +2
Employment +4
Freedom From Taxation -1
Influence +1
Taxation +1

2. "These caterwauling miscreants don't deserve concert halls," insists @@RANDOMNAME@@, a tone-deaf curmudgeon. "If they can't support their hobby, then why should we, the suffering taxpayers, prop them up? Concert halls are businesses, and businesses that can't stay afloat on their own disappear. Such is life. I say leave the whole lot to their inevitable demise."
The Result: concert pianists lie about their occupation to avoid ridicule.
Economy -1
Taxes -1
Culture -2
Employment -1
Happiness -1

3. "Times are tight. I sympathize with you," consoles @@RANDOMNAME@@, the CEO of Restorations R Us, handing you a decorative 'Hang In There' basket of goodies. "However, you need only ask, and – quick as a whip – my company will fund the construction of concert halls all across this fair country. All I ask is that we put up some advertisements in the lobbies and integrate a tasteful nod to sponsors into the programmes."
The Result: commercial jingles have been ham-handedly forced into world renowned symphonies.

4. "The only reason to fund these musicians is if they are doing something worthwhile for their country," says Brigadier General @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I've long said that @@NAME@@'s Armed Forces would benefit greatly from a spic-and-span band in uniform. They would represent the splendor that embodies @@NAME@@ and they'd do it with pride! Of course by extension, they would be a part of the active forces and required to serve in battle if necessary. Always good to up the recruitment numbers, right?"
The Result: terrified tympanists are finding themselves on the front lines armed only with kettledrums.

#294: Ghost Riders on the Sly [Fmyeram; ed:Luna Amore]

The Issue
Following the passage of a well-supported bill that contained half a dozen riders, corruption watchdog groups are lobbying the government to take action against the use of these unrelated addenda in lawmaking.

The Debate
1. "This is unacceptable," says legislative clerk @@RANDOMNAME@@, peeking out from behind a wall of 3-ring binders. "It paves the way for corporate corruption, eats up all our time and money, and, quite frankly, is exhausting! We must require each bill to have one – clearly defined – purpose and be able to state that purpose in a concise title. That way we won't have any more defense spending bills with addenda about cheese processing regulations. The industry will hate it, but if I have to read through one more schizophrenic morass, I'll quit!"
The Result: legislators work 24/7 due to an influx of single-issue bills.
Political Freedoms +5
Taxes +1
Authoritarianism +0.020
Averageness -30
Corruption -7
Eco-Friendliness +1
Environmental Beauty +2
Ideological Radicality -2
Law Enforcement +1
Pacifism -4
Safety +3
Social Conservatism +1
Welfare +1

2. ''Yes, these riders can be a threat to the democratic process,'' begins Party Majority Leader @@RANDOMNAME@@, ''but to ban them outright is simply foolish. We need the ability to amend bills, and sometimes those attachments aren't always clearly connected. Therefore, I propose we grant the legislature the ability to veto any rider by a simple majority vote. That way, necessary riders can still be attached and this other tom-foolery can be nipped in the bud.''
The Result: the minority inevitably have their addenda vetoed.
Political Freedoms -5

3. "Look, this is how things have always worked," @@RANDOMNAME@@, the CEO of Cheesemongers Unlimited, Ltd. "Representatives' time is both finite and valuable. Do you have any idea how many bills there'd be if each one could only have one aim? Legislation would come to a stand-still! Yes, it can be prone to corruption, but find me a government that's corruption free and I'll eat my shoe!''
The Result: laws are littered with references to cheese.
Economy +7
Political Freedoms +20
Taxes -1

4. "Can't trust the government to do anything right," scolds economic analyst @@RANDOMNAME@@, glancing up from a worn copy of The Fountainhead. ''We've given it a fair chance, it's failed, and now the private sector will have to swoop in to fix it. If you privatize the legislature, I can assure you it'll be humming efficiently and in the black by this time next year!''
The Result: the CEO of Laws Incorporated must sign off on all new bills.
Economy +44
Political Freedoms +10
Taxes -4

#307: Derailing the Gravy Train [Burtina; ed:Luna Amore]

The Issue
A national newspaper has uncovered details of a number of politicians' expenses documents, publishing claims from gold-plated toilet seats to elaborate steak dinners for dogs. Following the publication, the general public is clamoring at your door demanding answers.

The Debate
1. "This is the sort of disgraceful behavior we've come to expect from our politicians," bemoans unemployed teacher, @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Look around you! No one else is living so extravagantly. We need to lower all politicians' salaries to the poverty line and put the kibosh on these claimed 'business expenses' too. Maybe then they'll understand how real people actually live in @@NAME@@."
The Result: politicians are to be found scavenging bins at night to supplement their income.

2. "This is quite absurd!" scoffs @@RANDOMNAME@@, taking a sip of Bollinger '86. "We toil day in and day out keeping this country running, and this is the thanks we get? Newspapers snooping around our personal business, questioning what we need to do our jobs. We incur certain, necessary expenses that may look odd when taken out of context – and that's just what the media is doing! They're distorting the facts just to boost their ratings. Well, I say their prying eyes have gone too far. We need to outlaw this underhanded 'reporting' for the sake of the patriotic values that made this nation great!"
The Result: newspapers cannot report anything about politicians without their explicit consent.

#312: The Empire Strikes First? [Maleperduys; ed:Sedgistan]

The Issue
Reports indicate that several neighbouring nations are engaged in major weapons programs in contravention of international law and treaty, focusing public discourse on @@NAME@@'s foreign policy - specifically, its position on preemptive strikes.

The Debate
1. "We need to hit back hard at these terrorist scumbags!" roars General @@RANDOMNAME@@, his face turning purple. "I say that we treat any illegal weapons program by these nations as an act of war! Granted, a preemptive strike will likely cause a war, but if these foreigners won't abide by international agreement, they have to be kept in line, for the good of our @@TYPE@@."
The Result: NATION is increasingly belligerent on the international stage.
Taxes +1

2. Diplomatic bureaucrat @@RANDOMNAME@@ remarks calmly, "There's no need to go off half-cocked. It would be much better if we used some international body - the World Assembly, say, or a @@REGION@@ tribunal - to investigate these rumours objectively for us. That way we have the international community on our side, and no one can accuse us of playing judge and jury. It will be well worth the extra diplomatic costs and bureaucratic red tape."
The Result: the government has declared its commitment to multilateralism.
Political Freedoms +4
Taxes +1

3. "If these countries don't respect international law, why would they respect international agencies?" wonders political analyst @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Our neighbours are acquiring these weapons for a reason - because no one wants to pick a fight with a country that has weapons of mass destruction. The solution is simple - if we have WMDs of our own, they won't dare to strike at us. It may seen mad, but in this crazy world, it's the sanest thing we could do."
The Result: the nation is reliant on the principle of mutually assured destruction to maintain its security.
Taxes +1

4. Noted pacifist and tambourine artist @@RANDOMNAME@@ replies, "As usual our nation's proud leaders can only see violent solutions to our problems abroad. Wouldn't it be refreshing if they focused on achieving peace through communication and accommodation, rather than force of arms? You may call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one – wait, sorry, I've heard that somewhere before."
The Result: the government is giving peace a chance.
Taxes -1

#319: Sizing Up The Competition [Cosumar; ed:Luna Amore]

The Issue
After a recent conversion mistake cost a government research project millions in @@CURRENCY@@s, @@NAME@@'s scientists have come to you begging for the country to switch to the metric system.

The Debate
1. "Our measurement system is a complete disaster!" wails renowned chemist @@RANDOMNAME@@ as she storms into your office. "We're stuck using primitive and illogical measurements like 'fingers' or 'donkeypower' or 'MegaFonzie'. It's too much! Nearly every other nation has converted to the metric system. Think of how much it would help our communication with other countries. It'll cost a few @@CURRENCY@@s to convert, but it'll be damn cheaper than the mistakes our system is causing!"
The Result: teams of painters are converting road signs from horse lengths to kilometers.
Taxes +4

2. "Primitive? How dare that lab rat say such a thing!" spits infamous patriot @@RANDOMNAME@@. "They're not just measurements; they're part of our cultural heritage. Where would we be without our attoparsecs, hogsheads, or shakes of a @@ANIMAL@@'s tail? You want to throw that all away because some scientists are too lazy to do their jobs correctly. Give the taxpayers a break and ignore these eggheads."
The Result: the populace harbors a fierce hatred of the metric system.
Taxes -1

3. "This. This is a crossroads." states noted avant garde artist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "This idea that we can standardize how people look at the world with words, it's a fool's errand. Everything's relative, man. We need to stop trying to control the world and just live. Imagine how happy our nation'd be with no measurements." He pauses to puff on a pipe. "No time like the present, @@LEADER@@. No time."
The Result: businesses are scrambling to adapt to the government's mandate that 'time and measurement no longer exist'.
Taxes -1

#320: Criminals to Vote? [Iglesian Archipelago; ed:Sanctaria]

The Issue
Following recent elections in @@NAME@@ where the Equality for Vilified Inmates League won a noticeable percentage of seats, the media have jumped on the issue of whether or not prisoners should be allowed to vote.

The Debate
1. "This is absurd!", argues conservative politician, @@RANDOMNAME@@ "Why should criminals be allowed to participate in elections like normal people? Voting should be a privilege for the law-abiding members of this country. If someone breaks the law, they must lose the right to have a say in who governs them. At the very least it'll be a good deterrent."
The Result: citizens receive notices of disenfranchisement along with their parking tickets.
Political Freedoms -1

2. "You're not going to listen to that clap-trap I hope", says noted liberal commentator @RANDOMNAME@@. "Voting is a right that everyone should enjoy, regardless of whether or not they have committed a crime. We already punish those who break our law; restricting one's ability to vote is a punishment totally disproportionate to any crime!"
The Result: prison visits increase substantially during election years.
Political Freedoms +2

#321: Cowboys and... Aliens? [Carlosianor; ed:Luna Amore]

The Issue
A gang of rough-riders has been policing towns along @@NAME@@'s border, rounding up illegal aliens and "escorting" them back home.

The Debate
1. "Who do these thugs think they are?" asks popular liberal blogger @@RANDOMNAME@@. "The police should be the only ones handling border control! If we leave it in the hands of wild frontiersmen, immigrants will be herded and probed like @@ANIMAL@@s! It's despicable, it's degrading, and it must be stopped!"
The Result: droves of former desperados are applying to join the border police.
Civil Rights +1

2. "Why, we just helpin' our community, is all," drawls the self-proclaimed sheriff of the cowboy gang, Harry Fjord, as he slides off his saddle to shake your hand. "Matta'fact, we're helpin' the gov'ment as well, enforcin' border control and keepin' yer towns safe from them damned illegals. I can handle m'boys, so don't you worry 'bout a thing."
The Result: immigrant herding has become a national pastime.
Taxes -1


  1. #294: Ghost Riders on the Sly [Fmyeram; ed:Luna Amore]
    Option 4 gave me:
    1 Economy 2
    2 Political Freedoms 5
    3 Population 20
    4 Wealth Gaps 29
    5 Eco-Friendliness -1
    6 Industry: Informtion Technology 2
    7 Industry: Trout Fishing 1
    8 Industry: Arms Manufacturing 1
    9 Sector: Agriculture 1
    10 Industry: Retail 1
    11 Industry: Gambling 1
    12 Welfare -1
    13 Public Healthcare -1
    14 Law Enforcement -1
    15 Business Subsidization 1
    16 Income Equality -29
    17 Rudeness 3.301
    18 Safety From Crime -3
    19 Safety -13.2
    20 Ideological Radicality 9
    21 Defense Forces -1
    22 Pacifism -4
    23 Most Pro-Market 5.8
    24 Authoritarianism -0.059
    25 Employment 29
    26 Public Transport -1
    27 Tourism -1.5
    28 Weaponization 4
    29 Obesity 33
    30 Environmental Beauty -3.5
    31 Toxicity 16.5
    32 Influence 1
    33 World Assembly Endorsements 6
    34 Averageness -253
    35 Human Development Index 6

    1. Are you SURE about all of those things?

  2. #290: Wheels of Misfortune
    option 1:

    Wealth Gaps -6
    Eco-Friendliness 1
    Welfare 1
    Public Healthcare 1
    Law Enforcement 1
    Income Equality 6
    Rudeness -0.599
    Safety From Crime 1
    Safety 4
    Ideological Radicality -2
    Defense Forces 1
    Most Pro-Market -1.2
    Authoritarianism 0.003
    Employment -6
    Public Transport 1
    Tourism 2.5
    Weaponization -1
    Obesity -6
    Environmental Beauty 2.5
    Toxicity -6.5
    Influence 1
    Averageness 50
    Human Development Index -1

  3. Issue #291: A Question Of Sport
    option 1

    Census scores
    Averageness -4
    Business Subsidization 4
    Economy 3
    Employment 10
    Human Development Index 2
    Lifespan 1
    Obesity -4
    Tourism 2
    Unexpected Death Rate -1
    Weather 1

    Commerce % 3
    Education % -1
    Law and Order % -1

    Public Sector
    Private sector % 1
    Public sector % -1

    Tax % 1

  4. #312: The Empire Strikes First?
    Option 2 resulted in:

    Political Freedoms +1
    Averageness -20
    Corruption -1
    Defense Forces +1
    Environmental Beauty +2
    Freedom from Corruption +1
    Happiness -1
    Health +1
    Ideological Radicality +1
    Primitiveness -1
    Public Healthcare +1
    Public Transport +1
    Rudeness -0.1
    Safety +1.2
    Scientific Advancement +1
    Toxicity -1
    Welfare +1

    Private Sector -1.5%
    Public Sector +1.5

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