Thursday, November 8, 2012

Issues from #010 to #020

#010: Social Inequality Reaching Embarrassing Levels

The Issue
Commentators have warned that @@NAME@@'s social inequalities threaten to make it an international pariah.

The Debate
1. "Look, I don't like it either," said Chamber of Commerce spokesperson @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Just on the way here, I had to step over three homeless people, and one of my shoes got caught on a beggar. But inequality is the price we pay for economic strength. If anything, we need fewer taxes, so those of us who are well-off can afford to be more generous. If we want to, that is."
The Result: the streets are increasingly clogged with poverty-stricken beggars
Economy +3
Taxes -3

2. "I think we've forgotten what economic strength is all about," says social worker @@RANDOMNAME@@. "The economy is meant to be a means to a high standard of living, not an end in itself. It's become an excuse for the rich to prosper while the poor fall through the cracks. Not everyone is poor because they don't feel like working. We must provide more welfare."
The Result: the government is slowly introducing social welfare programs.
Economy -7
Taxes +3
Happiness +1
Welfare +4
Wealth Gaps -1

3. "Who says we're an international pariah?" demands military honcho @@RANDOMNAME@@. "What are their names? If that's the way the international community feels, we obviously need to prepare for war."
The Result: the country is preparing for war
Civil Rights -2
Economy -1
Political Freedoms -10
Taxes +2
Ideological Radicality +4
Weather -8

#011: People Request Not So Much Dictatorship, If That's All Right

The Issue
While effusively praising @@NAME@@'s leadership and bowing repeatedly, a delegation has humbly requested that the government take a more "modernistic" view in the future.

The Debate
1. The High Minister for Finance, who also happens to be your brother, dismisses the claim. "What these people fail to realize is that you know what's best for them. The alternative is anarchy! I say stick to your course. And execute these wackos for treason."
The Resultpolitical activists are routinely executed
Civil Rights -9
Political Freedoms - Absolutely 0

2. "Perhaps the people could be given some more political freedoms," muses your Chief of Staff, who is your sister. "Is there really such harm in allowing public discussion of ideas? We could even have a real Opposition Party. One that isn't just full of your puppets, I mean."
The Result: the government is cutting back on the number of political prisoners executed each year
Civil Rights +2
Political Freedoms +22

#012: Death Penalty On Agenda

The Issue
Following a tragic double-murder, capital punishment has surged as an election issue. There now appears a real possibility that right-wing candidate @@RANDOMNAME@@, running on a "Do the Crime, pay the Penalty" platform, will gain power. While society's intelligentsia is outraged, debate rages as to whether the government should intervene.

The Debate
1. "This is a democracy, remember?" rhetorically questions Professor @@RANDOMNAME@@ of the University of Greater @@NAME@@. "That means that if the people want something, the people get it. I hate to say it, but in the name of political freedom, we need to accept that our country will have the death penalty."
The Result: the death penalty has been reintroduced
Civil Rights -3
Political Freedoms +9

2. "I'm sorry," says Civil Rights Unionist @@RANDOMNAME@@, "but this travesty cannot be allowed to pass. If the government needs to crack down on lunatic fringe groups in order to keep our great nation free of the death penalty, then so be it. We must ban the politics of hatred and fear!"
The Result: extreme political groups are outlawed
Civil Rights +3
Political Freedoms -17

#013: Too Much Yakking, Already, Say Delegation

The Issue
Some people say @@NAME@@'s policy on free speech has gone too far.

The Debate
1. "These days, anyone says whatever they want with no regard to what kind of dribble is coming out of their mouths!" says angry commuter @@RANDOMNAME@@. "It's gone too far. We should go back to the good old days, when if someone started talking garbage, we'd smack them one."
The Result: the right to free speech is being drastically curtailed
Civil Rigts -2

2. "We need more free speech, not less," argues civil rights campaigner @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Free speech allows ideas to be explored, challenged, and discussed in a productive, open forum. It teaches our kids to be critical thinkers. And dirty words, of course, but that's just the price you pay."
The Result: NATION's children are widely acknowledged as the most foul-mouthed in the region
Civil Rights +1

3. "The right to free speech is a central tenet of our system of democracy," says religious leader @@RANDOMNAME@@. "But surely the right to not have your religious beliefs mocked by others is worth something, too? We mustn't put up with intolerance!"
The Result: it is a crime to offend someone's religious beliefs
Civil Rights -2
Taxes +1

#014: Military Demands Increased Spending

The Issue
The Department of Defense has put its case for a substantial increase in funding for the coming financial year.

The Debate
1. "These are turbulent times we live in," says Defense Chief @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Turbulent and dangerous. And the only sensible response to that, of course, is to build a lot more weapons. Unless we get the funding we need, I can't promise that we'll be able to defend @@NAME@@'s sovereign borders from rogue nations and foreign powers. Or those leaky boatloads of refugees, for that matter."
The Result: military spending is on the increase
Political freedoms -13
Defense Forces +9
Ideological Radicality +1
Weaponization +5

2. "NO MORE BOMBS," chant the protestors outside Parliament House, in a repetitious and increasingly annoying appeal. Spokesperson @@RANDOMNAME@@, speaking through a feedback-afflicted microphone, says, "@@NAME@@ needs fewer weapons, not more! Make the world a safer place! Disarm now!"
The Result: military funding has been stripped back
Taxes -6
Defense Forces -6
Industry: Arms Manufacturing -1
Law Enforcement -1
Pacifism +2
Safety -2
Weaponization -5

#015: More Police Needed

The Issue
As crime rates rise, some in the community are calling for increased policing.

The Debate
1. "Just the other day, I got mugged in the broad daylight!" says ruffian @@RANDOMNAME@@. "And the ironic thing is I had just stuck up this other guy. When muggers are getting mugged, even I have to admit that crime has gotten out of control. We do need more police."
The Result: the police force is on a recruitment drive
Safety +2
Safety from crime +1

2. "The solution to crime is not more police!" says noted sociologist and occasional crime novelist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Studies repeatedly show that crime is caused by poverty and poor education. Increase government spending in these areas, and crime will fall! Maybe not overnight, but it will happen."
The Result: education and welfare spending are on the rise
Taxes +4

3. "Yeah, good luck with that," says conservative leader and gun enthusiast @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Look, we do need more police, that's clear. But that's not enough. We need real punishments: sentences that will act as a genuine deterrent to people considering a life of crime. Like public floggings."
The Result: thieves are flogged in public for their crimes.
Civil Rights -1
Political Freedoms -23
Taxes +1

#016: @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ Workers Strike!

The Issue
Workers across the nation have gone out on indefinite strike over what they claim are substandard wages in the @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ industry.

The Debate
1. "We are the backbone of this country, and we demand a fair wage rise!" says union leader @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I don't think a 20% increase over two years is too much to ask. Unless the government forces employers to give us our due, we'll shut this whole industry down! Let's see how well @@NAME@@'s economy manages without any @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@, huh?"The Result: the nation is ravaged by daily union strikes
Economy: It depends what your major industry is. Economy will DECREASE approximately from -2 to -12
Taxes: The same goes for taxes. They will increase from approximately 0 to +3

2. "We pay our employees very generous wages," says employer representative @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Especially when you consider that without us, they'd be OUT ON THE STREET. Hear that, you scumbags? OUT ON THE STREET! Anyway, my point is, if you cave in, you make our entire industry uncompetitive. You can't do that in the global marketplace. It'll hurt the whole country. The best solution, economically speaking, would be to relax industrial laws and allow us to fire troublemakers on the spot."
The Result: employers may fire workers without giving any reason.
Economy: It depends what your major industry is. Economy will INCREASE from approximately +10 to +50
Taxes: The same goes for taxes. They will decrease from approximately -2 to -8


#017: Corporations Demand Political Say

The Issue
A well-heeled lobby group is pushing for the elimination of regulations that prevent corporations from donating money to political parties.

The Debate
1. "This is supposed to be a democratic country," @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ industry spokesperson @@RANDOMNAME@@ says. "Yet these archaic laws say I can't donate money to support a political party. They put ceilings on the amount any party can spend on advertising. It's time to stop treating voters like children, and trust them to make up their own minds. Free the ballot box!"
The Result: corporations donate huge sums of money to favored politicians.
Taxes -1
Political Freedoms +20
Economy +8 (second case was +57)
Corruption +3

2. "You say political freedom, I hear vote-buying," says popular anarchist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If these fat cats get their way, politicians will buy their own seat in Congress. And let's face it, a slick advertising campaign can convince a lot of apathetic voters. We need to tighten the laws, not repeal them. Money should have no place in politics!"
The Result: political parties are banned from advertising and receiving private donations
Economy -37
Political Freedoms -15
Taxes +4
Corruption -2

3. "Frankly, I don't see why we need to have elections at all," says your brother, @@RANDOMNAME@@, over a late-night malt whiskey. "You always seem to know what's best. Why not scrap the whole political system? It would make things so much simpler."
The Result: a dictator has seized power and outlawed elections
Civil rights -57
Ideological Radicality +5
Happiness -2

#018: Citizens Struggle Under "Unfair" Tax Burden

The Issue
A recent poll has revealed high levels of dissatisfaction among the populace about tax rates.

The Debate
1. "Do you know how much of my year's work goes to the government?" demanded angry worker @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Too much! Government spending has gotten way out of control. It needs big cuts in welfare, health, and education. But leave those subsidies to business alone. We need them to create jobs."
The Result: the government is reining in public spending
Taxes -8

2. "It's not the AMOUNT of tax, it's where the burden falls," says student activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "And at the moment, far too much of the burden is falling on the poor. People on high incomes still have more money than people on low incomes. I don't think I need to say anything more than that."
The Result: high-income earners pay a 100% tax rate.
Economy -1
Taxes +2
Wealth Gaps -18

3. "I don't object to the amount of tax, I object to where it's being spent," says social reformer @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I'd like to see everyone have a choice as to where their @@CURRENCY@@s go every time they fill out a tax return. Everyone would feel a lot better about opening their wallets if they had a say as to where the money went. I think you'd see a lot more public money going to education and a lot less to business."
The Result: citizens select which government department gets their income tax CURRENCYs each year
Economy -12

#019: @@NAME@@ Awash With Red-Rimmed Eyes

The Issue
National marijuana consumption has hit an all-time high, with alarming results, a new poll has found.

The Debate
1. "My factory's productivity is down ten percent since marijuana was decriminalized," complains employer @@RANDOMNAME@@. "And the number of thefts from the candy machine is off the scale. This so-called 'pot' needs to be banned in all public places. Let the junkies do what they want at home, but not in my workplace."
The Result: marijuana is legal in the privacy of your own home
Civil Rights -2

2. "Whoa, dude, no need to get, like, you know," says Free Your Mind campaigner @@RANDOMNAME@@, from his parents' basement. "This is, like, a personal choice issue, you know. It's like... whoa, just back off what I want to do with my own body. Don't let the fascists win, man. There are some hot new eckies coming in soon, they should be legal too."
The Result: all recreational drugs are legal
Civil Rights +7
Recreational Drug Use +100

#020: Gunman Kills Three

The Issue
Tragedy struck @@NAME@@ today, as a gunman killed three people in a suburban shooting rampage. The community is united in grief, but divided in opinion as to what should be done.

The Debate
1. The strongest voices demand tighter gun controls. "The only way to prevent further atrocities is to take the guns out of the hands of the murderers," says anti-gun campaigner @@RANDOMNAME@@. "There's no justification for them in today's society. We need tighter regulations on who can hold guns, so only our police and military have them."
The Results: guns are banned.
Civil Rights -3

2. "That's not all we need," says radical left-wing activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "The government should ban all guns outright--even in the police force. This is an opportunity to make @@NAME@@ a totally gun-free state."
The Results: the nation is completely gun-free.
Civil Rights -4
Safety -3
Safety from Crime -1

3. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people," says NRA head honcho @@RANDOMNAME@@. "If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. Is that what we want? Think, people. The answer isn't to ban guns. It's to crack down on those Hollywood movies and computer games that glamorize violence. They're the real criminals."
The Results: movies and computer games are strictly censored for violence
Civil Rights -2
Compassion -2
Health +0.5
Influence +1
Niceness -2
Pacifism -3
Recreational Drug Use -1
Rudeness +2
Safety -7
Safety from Crime -2
Weather -4


  1. For option 2 in #012: Death Penalty On Agenda

    The Result: extreme political groups are outlawed
    Civil Rights +3
    Political Freedoms -17, not +17

  2. sorry, my bad
    solved now :)


  3. #016: @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ Workers Strike!

    Option 2 also increased toxicity with +3 in my nation (from 169.25 to 172.25)

  4. #017: Corporations Demand Political Say
    Option 2 gave for my nation:
    1 Economy -2
    2 Political Freedoms -10
    3 Population +7
    4 Wealth Gaps -16
    5 Income Equality +16
    6 Rudeness -2.401
    7 Safety From Crime +2
    8 Safety +7.4
    9 Ideological Radicality -6
    10 Pacifism -1
    11 Most Pro-Market -3.2
    12 Corruption +5
    13 Freedom From Corruption -5
    14 Authoritarianism +0.065
    15 Employment -16
    16 Weaponization -2
    17 Obesity -16
    18 Toxicity -10
    19 Averageness +173
    20 Human Development Index -4

  5. #010: Social Inequality Reaching Embarrassing Levels
    option 2 resulted in

    Population 5
    Wealth Gaps -6
    Compassion 1
    Welfare 4
    Income Equality 6
    Niceness 1
    Rudeness -1.601
    Weather 1
    Safety From Crime 2
    Safety 6
    Ideological Radicality -2
    Pacifism 2
    Most Pro-Market -1.2
    Authoritarianism 0.005
    Employment 4
    Weaponization -2
    Obesity -6
    Toxicity -7
    World Assembly Endorsements 1
    Averageness 52

  6. #017: Corporations Demand Political Say
    Option 1 resulted in:
    Economy 10
    Wealth Gaps 13
    Income Equality -13
    Rudeness 1.3
    Political Apathy 1
    Safety From Crime -1
    Safety -6
    Ideological Radicality 5
    Most Pro-Market 2.6
    Corruption 3
    Freedom From Corruption -3
    Authoritarianism -0.036
    Employment 13
    Weaponization 1
    Obesity 13
    Toxicity 7
    Averageness -144
    Human Development Index 3

  7. #012: Death Penalty On Agenda
    option 2

    Civil Rights 1
    Social Conservatism -1
    Happiness -1
    Ideological Radicality 1
    Recreational Drug Use 1
    Toxicity 1
    Averageness -29

  8. #100: Road Rage Rampage [SatanSpermSpawn; ed:Reploid Productions]
    you got Rudeness twice there

  9. Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..