Thursday, November 8, 2012

Issues from #031 to #039

#031: Get Efficient, Private Sector Tells Nature [MantiCorp GroundForces]

The Issue
A group of prominent business identities has proposed privatizing @@NAME@@'s beaches.

The Debate
1. "Have you been to the beach lately? It's disgusting," says company spokesperson @@RANDOMNAME@@. "There's litter, there's teenagers smoking, and there are people enjoying themselves without paying for it. Let the private sector in on this, and @@NAME@@'s beaches will be the talk of the region! And a nice little earner, too."
The Results: citizens must pay to enjoy NATION's pristine beaches.

Economy +6
Taxes -1

2. "Whoa, whoa, we're privatizing beaches now?" says local campaigner @@RANDOMNAME@@. "These are public spaces! All @@NAME@@'s citizens have a right to enjoy them, not just the well-off. Yes, we should improve the quality of our beaches, but handing them over to the money-grabbers is not the right way to do it. The right way to do it is to boost government spending by increasing taxes."
The Results: a government program is underway to revitalize NATION's beaches.

Taxes +1

#032: One Wife Is Never Enough, Say Polygamists [Fantasan]

The Issue
A small religious group is lobbying the government to allow them to take multiple wives.

The Debate
1. "It's about time we had our religious rights recognized," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, a devout member of a faith that is never made quite clear. "Who is the government to tell me I can't love more than one woman? The government doesn't know how much of me there is to go around!"
The Results: polygamy is legal

Civil Rights +2

2. "This is nothing more than sexual deviants using religion as a pretext for perversion!" says Reverend @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Marriage is one man, one woman, and death do we part. What's so hard to get? Anything else is a perversion, and must be banned."
The Results: the institution of marriage is held sacred and strictly enforced.

Civil Rights -1
Godlessness -2
Religiousness +2

3. "Multiple wives? Excellent!" says passer-by @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Presumably we will allow multiple husbands, as well. And gay marriages, of course. In fact, now is probably the time for the government to butt out of marriage altogether. Let people marry their cats, if they want."
The Results: there have been reports of people marrying housepets.

Civil Rights +8

#033: Genetics Brings New Life to Extinct Species [Badger Lozzate]

The Issue
Scientists have announced they are close to a breakthrough in their quest to revive the feather-bellied @@ANIMAL@@, a species related to @@NAME@@'s national animal that has been extinct for more than a century.

The Debate
1. "I, for one, applaud their work," says scientist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "And not just because I'm the project leader. This is an example of how @@NAME@@'s brains can mix it with the world's best. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to have feather-bellied @@ANIMAL@@s frolicking in the meadows again? I say full steam ahead, and more government funding!"
The Results: scientists recently cloned the long-extinct feather-bellied ANIMAL.

2. "This is a sacrilege!", says religious leader @@RANDOMNAME@@. "These animals are extinct because God wants them dead. Cloning them would merely incur his wrath! If we proceed down this path, it'll be humans, not the feather-bellied @@ANIMAL@@, who will be extinct."
The Results: genetic research has been halted.

Taxes +1

3. "Now, come on," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, well-known philosopher. "You don't need to be religious to be unnerved by the top of this particular slippery slope. Today it's @@ANIMAL@@s, tomorrow it's dinosaurs, and we all know how that turns out. This research shouldn't be banned, but there must be strict government controls over its use."
The Results: genetic research is temporarily tied up in government red tape.

Taxes +1

#034: Don't Puff On Me, Say Non-Smokers [Sirocco]

The Issue
There is a growing call within @@NAME@@ to abolish smoking in public areas.

The Debate
1. "I'm in full support of this motion," says man on the street @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I'm sick of being stuck behind smokers, sucking in their pollution! They can light up in the privacy of their own homes, if they want."
The Results: smoking is banned in public areas.

Civil Rights -4

2. "What's so special about their homes?" says anti-smoking campaigner @@RANDOMNAME@@. "The government has a responsibility to stop people from hurting themselves -- it's the same reason we should make them wear seat belts in cars. Sooner or later, they end up in one of @@NAME@@'s hospitals, sucking on taxpayer-funded healthcare. Not that that's why we should ban smoking. We should ban it because we care."
The Results: an underground movement of cigarette smokers has sprung up in response to a government ban.

Civil Rights -4
Economy -1
Taxes +1

3. "Get your hands off my fag!" wheezes long-time smoker @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I've been smoking for fifty years and it's never done me any harm. Helps me concentrate, it does! The government should back off on trying to tell me what I can put into my own body. Telling a smoker he can't light up in a restaurant is discrimination, pure and simple. If you want to put a stop to unfairness, stop that."
The Results: eight year-olds can be seen lighting up in public areas.

Lifespan -1

#035: Refugees Want To Call @@NAME@@ Home [The True Scroat]

The Issue
After several bloody conflicts in nearby regions, a stream of asylum-seekers and refugees has been spotted heading for @@NAME@@'s shores.

The Debate
1. "Some of these people have endured terrible hardships to reach our borders," says International Red Cross spokesperson @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We must welcome these unfortunates with open arms. Let the world see that @@NAME@@ does not turn its back on those in need!"
The Results: the nation has opened its arms to an influx of refugees.

Averageness -5
Safety -3
Safety From Crime -2
Youth Rebelliousness +1

2. "These grasping freeloaders will swamp our culture and traditions!" argues talk-radio host @@RANDOMNAME@@. "First they want welfare, next thing you know they're taking our jobs -- and you know they won't bother to learn our language. I say charity begins at home -- and this isn't their home. This is the world's problem, not ours."
The Results: the Navy has outraged the international community by sinking a boatload of refugees to prevent them reaching the shore.

3. Economics Professor @@RANDOMNAME@@ offers an alternative. "There is no question that we have to help those who reach out to us in their darkest hour. But on the other hand, we cannot help everybody. So let's just take the ones who are willing to keep our streets clean and our drains flowing in return for a subsistence wage."
The Results: shanty towns are forming in the suburbs of major cities.

Economy +1

#036: International Community Comes Doorknocking [Guadalcanal]

The Issue
The international community has appealed to @@NAME@@ to increase humanitarian aid to the world's poorer nations.

The Debate
1. "We must increase foreign aid," says beaded local peace activist @@RANDOMNAME@@. "Compared to some of these nations, @@NAME@@ is swimming in @@CURRENCY@@s. Let's face it, not every nation in the world is lucky enough to have a government like ours. Let's show some compassion to our less economically gifted neighbors."
The Results: the nation has an international reputation for compassion.

Taxes +2

2. "Talk about a way to flush @@CURRENCY@@s straight down the toilet," argues Think Tank member @@RANDOMNAME@@. "What I've noticed is that whenever we do give something, it's never enough: a few years later they're back asking for more. The best way to help these poor nations is to stop shielding them from the logical consequences of their idiotic, long-debunked socialist economic policies."
The Results: the nation refuses to provide international aid.

Taxes -1

3. "Relief wouldn't hurt us... if we 'relieved' the right countries," suggests government advisor @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We give them a little humanitarian aid, they give us access to their @@MAJORINDUSTRY@@ markets... it's win-win. Nothing wrong with a little quid pro quo, especially for a good cause."
The Results: the government extracts trade concessions from poor nations in exchange for humanitarian aid.

#037: Traffic Cops Needed on Information Superhighway? [Snowcat]

The Issue
Certain shadowy ministerial figures have proposed government monitoring of individual internet usage.

The Debate
1. "In these days of terror and uncertainty, it's exactly what we need," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, signing an arrest warrant. "Every pervert, terrorist, bomb-building maniac and anti-government idiot is currently online. I'm not saying that we should block citizens from seeing it, but let's also watch who's seeking it out. This will give our law enforcement officers the chance to prevent crimes before they happen. If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide."
The Results: the government snoops on private internet connections.

Civil Rights -1 

2. "Well, I AM saying we should block out that filth," says a man in a dark hat, stepping from the shadows. "If people want to use the internet, they can view our government-approved sites. Those are swell."
The Results: the country has unplugged its internet connection to prevent subversive content.

Civil Rights -5
Economy -4
Political Freedoms -3

3. Privacy activist @@RANDOMNAME@@ is outraged, as usual. "Tyranny is the natural result of limiting information! Someone, somewhere, will always find something offensive -- mimes for example. Those scare the hell out of me. But should we ban them? No! Free the internet! We have nothing to fear from free information but pop-up advertising!"
The Results: anti-government web sites are springing up.

Civil Rights +5

#038: @@NAME@@ Looks to the Stars [Sentient Peoples]

The Issue
The recent popularity of a science-fiction TV show has prompted calls for @@NAME@@ to develop its own space program.

The Debate
1. "Don't tell me space colonies wouldn't be cool," says excited fifth-grade teacher @@RANDOMNAME@@, still wearing big Spock ears from his last convention. "Think of how they would galvanize the national population! And there would also be some kind of scientific benefit, probably."
The Results: billions of CURRENCY are being poured into a space program.

Taxes +4

2. "The project certainly is feasible, but very expensive," says @@NAME@@ Space Agency Head @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We could make it less of a burden on the taxpayers if we sought funding from private industry -- advertisements on the side of our rockets, selling contracts to the Arms Manufacturing industry, that kind of thing."
The Results: the nation's first space rocket -- sponsored by Pepsi and shaped like an enormous soda bottle -- is being developed.
Taxes +2

3. "If God had meant Man to fly, he would have given us solid rocket boosters instead of legs," says religious type @@RANDOMNAME@@. "We should not be looking to the stars, but rather inside our own hearts. That's why we should abandon this so-called space program, and instead make the teaching of religion mandatory in all schools."
The Results: religious classes are compulsory for all school students
Civil Right -4
Taxes -1
Godlessness -2
Religiousness +2

#039: Scandal Rocks @@NAME@@'s Government! [The SLAGLands; ed:The SLAGLands]

The Issue
A tabloid magazine, The National Incriminator, has revealed the sordid details of an affair between one of your top advisors, Robert Lotsalovin, and his secretary.

The Debate
1. "They found out I did WHAT?!" Advisor Lotsalovin says in his morning meeting in your office. "This just can't happen! How can government officials do their jobs properly if we have to work under the constant scrutiny of these idiotic supermarket tabloids? I say tabloid newspapers must be banned, and we must not allow newspapers to speak ill of our government officials... for the good of @@NAME@@, of course..."
The Results: newspapers may not print any negative stories about the government.

Economy -3

2. "Unbelievable!" says Reverend @@RANDOMNAME@@ of the local Catholic church. "Our government officials must be held to a higher standard than this! Mr. Lotsalovin must be removed from office and jailed. We cannot allow such disgusting corruption within the halls of justice!"
The Results: government officials are held to the highest standard of morality.

Taxes +1
Compassion +1
Corruption -6
Godlessness -4
Ideological Radicality -1
Law Enforcement +1
Niceness +1
Pacifism +2
Religiousness +4
Rudeness -1
Safety +6
Social Conservatism -1
Weather +2
Welfare +1

3. "Whoa, whoa, hey, now..." argues Senator @@RANDOMNAME@@. "What happened to Mr. Lotsalovin is no different than affairs that happen all over @@NAME@@ every day! Before you know it, they'll be after YOUR sexual history! I think what we need to do is take the public attention off of it somehow, perhaps by... oh, I don't know... giving them a tax cut! That'll divert their attention from this momentary distraction just long enough for Mr. Lotsalovin's divorce process to end!"
The Results: 
government officials frequently cut taxes as a distraction from antics with their secretaries.
Economy -1
Political Freedoms -2
Taxes -1


  1. #031: Get Efficient, Private Sector Tells Nature

    Option 1 changed these things for me:

    Averageness +6
    Eco Friendliness +3
    Environmental Beauty +63.25
    Human Development Index +1
    Lifespan +2
    Pacifism +2
    Tourism +64.25
    Weather +16

    Employment -4
    Industry: Arms Manufacturing -2
    Industry: Beverage Sales -1
    Industry: Book Publishing -1
    Industry: Cheese Exports -1
    Industry: Furniture Restoration -1
    Industry: Timber Woodchipping -1
    Obesity -4
    Toxicity -61.25
    Unexpected Death Rate -2

  2. #039: Scandal Rocks @@NAME@@'s Government!
    Option 2 gave my country:
    2 Religiousness 4
    3 Weather 1
    4 Safety 6
    5 Corruption -6
    6 Freedom From Corruption 6
    7 Godlessness -4
    8 Influence 1
    9 Averageness -5

  3. #037: Traffic Cops Needed on Information Superhighway?
    Results for option 3
    Weather 1
    Safety From Crime -1
    Safety -1
    Corruption -2
    Freedom From Corruption 2
    Weaponization 1
    Toxicity 2

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